Orange County trusts H.A.D. Automotive—and for good reason. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering and our attention to detail is reflected in our longtime customers’ satisfaction. We’ve been at it since 1989 after all! Remember, it’s imperative the person servicing your vehicle knows what they’re doing. Rest assured, H.A.D. has the expertise to put you back in the driver’s seat.

Our Services

30/60/90K Automotive Servicing

To avoid costly and avoidable repairs, H.A.D. advises regularly-scheduled maintenance every 30,000 Miles (otherwise known as 30/60/90K). Typically, the first step in 30/60/90K maintenance is to inspect the vehicle’s major systems for signs of trouble.

Air Conditioning Service and Repair

In Orange County, the loss of functional A/C could mean the loss of your sanity right along with it. You may notice that it doesn’t blow as cold as it used to, or just takes too long to get cool enough. If that’s the case, it may be time to get it looked at. Keep your head! Let H.A.D. fix you up!

Brake Service and Repair

There’s arguably no more vital system in your entire vehicle than your brakes. The ability to execute a smooth, controlled stop is more beneficial to your safety than even the seat belts and airbags. That’s why it’s so imperative the person servicing your brakes knows what they’re doing. Rest assured, H.A.D. has the expertise to put you back in the driver’s seat.

Automotive Electrical Systems

Lights, radio, or locks acting up? No need to blow a fuse: it’s more than likely related to the electrical system (or the ancillary circuits). Dim headlights can also be indicative of a problem with your car’s electrical system. Let us take of that for you. We’ll have you back on the road again in no time.

Suspension Repairs and Upgrades

Your vehicle’s suspension system (i.e., shocks or struts) is often overlooked until something goes wrong. People sometimes mistakenly believe suspension is about providing comfort or “a smooth ride.” However, subpar suspension can actually diminish your ability to control your vehicle, especially when stopping or turning.

Wheels and Tires

When was the last time you pulled into a full-service gas station and had the attendant check your tire pressure while the gas tank was filling? Probably several decades ago. Hence our reason for emphasizing a well-trusted professional! Let H.A.D. help ensure your family’s safety!

Check Engine Light Diagnoses and Repair

The check engine light can have a multitude of meanings, from a loose gas cap to a seriously misfiring engine. Don’t play a guessing game with your safety. Bring your vehicle into H.A.D. We’ll diagnose the problem and have you on your way in no time.


Lonnie said the business came out, got his vehicle, serviced it, and had it back in a couple hours. He has been with Hector for over 15 years. Lonnie R.

Cheree said she was happy with everything at this business all the way around. She brought her vehicle on Friday and they told her they had a lot of vehicles and would try to get her vehicle back at the earliest Monday morning. She let them know she had to work and it would be really helpful if they could have it done sooner. She received a call Saturday afternoon with it being ready. Their price was better than other facilities quoted her. Her vehicle was fixed and everything is running smoothly. Cheree P.

Tracy said they provide excellent service. Tracy D.

I made an appointment for a 150,000 service. Hector bought all the parts in advance and was ready to start immediately. That became important when he found my water pump was near end of life. He was able to buy the part, install it, and finish the service by the time requested. I will always go out of my way for personal and distinctive service, and that’s what I get from HAD. Peter P.

Darin said the staff members provide good work, great prices, and he trusts them. Darin R.

Max said the business was friendly and provided really good and fast service. Max C.

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